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Bone Loss Regeneration


Gum disease which is a bacterial infection can cause the break in the gum seal and lead to a build up of plaque and calculus below the gums which causes bone loss and if not stopped tooth loss.



Incision   Exposing periodontal defect

Removal of hard and soft deposits.   Conditioning of the root surface with PrefGel.


Emdogain is a protein matrix which stimulates regain of clinical attachment and new bone

Application of Emdogain Gel.   Suturing of the site.


The Outcome


Deep periodontal pocket before Emdogain Gel treatment.  

New bone and renewed attachment after Emdogain Gel treatment.

€ Inflammation-free
€ Infection-free
€ New attachment in the jawbone
€ New supporting bone
€ Recreation of healthy tooth supporting structures




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