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Oral Cancer Screening


Early detection enables of cancer makes it easier to treat.  When diagnosis in more advanced stages the treatment becomes more involved and disfiguring.


Risk factors that increase your chance of developing Oral Cancer


Early Indicators and Symptoms,


Advanced Findings and Symptoms.


The Oral Examination for Cancer


Whenever you have a dental examination you should make sure to get an oral cancer screening examination.


There are two types of examinations that can be done.  One type of examination looks for abnormal clinical changes in the throat, roof of the mouth, tongue and floor of the mouth.  These changes can present themselves as lumps, bumps, red or white areas and ulcerations.



Cancer Screening With The Identify-3000

The Identify 3000 light wand puts out a special wave length of light that will cause normal tissues to reflect the light back.  If an area is undergoing adverse cellular changes it become non-reflective and appears as a black area.  This is the earliest way to pick up sites that might be precancerous.  

If Oral Cancer Is Detected Late Treatment Is Complex And Disfiguring.

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