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Mini Dental Implants


We live in an age where implant dentistry is playing a larger role in every type of dental practice.   Unfortunately conventional implant therapy can only help a small portion of the patients who need it.   Medical problems, treatment time, inadequate ridge width and cost eliminate a large number of potential patients from this type of therapy. Mini dental implants are able to over come many of these obstacles.
These small, sturdy implants are easily placed, can be put into immediate function and display little or no post-operative complications. From the practitioner ’s standpoint, their simplicity, versatility, strength and numerous applications are an invaluable adjunct to the treatment modalities at his/her disposal. They enable many  “bail outs ” from difficult or impossible situations. Very often, they provide an intermediate
service that will buy time until the patient can have newer, more  “ideal ” prostheses fabricated.  Interestingly enough, many  “transitional ” cases have proved so durable that the original implants are still functional and there is no need to proceed with more complicated or robust implants. From the stand-point of the patient, they are affordable and virtually atraumatic and available for immediate use.

This lecture will demonstrate the wide variety situations that could only be handled by these reduced diameter implants.                                                                                               

All aspects of the surgical and prosthetic techniques will be covered.
Failures will be addressed and what to do when they occur. 

 This presentation has been formulated to give the clinican information on mini implants that he can take back and use in his office.   With respect to the  “tools ” of the trade mini implants are virtually indispensable and as versatile as  “duct tape ”.



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