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Adjustable Appliances

Thornton Adjustable (TAP1)


This appliance has full coverage bite splints for both arches with a bar attached to the lower splint and a hook on the upper.  There is an anterior advancing screw so that the amount of advancement can be adjusted to fit the needs of the patient.


The appliance fits easily over the teeth and moves the jaw forward to open the airway which will eliminate snoring and apnea.

The appliance can be adjusted to the correct amount of mandibular advancement to ensure the best result.  Each turn equals 0.5mm of mandibular advancement.  A maximum of 1 turn per night.  The range of mandibular advancement is 9-14mm.


Instead of a bar on the lower appliance and a hook on the upper.  The TAP 3 has a fixed hook on the upper that fits into a slot on the lower and is adjusted with a wrench to move the mandible foward or back depending on the needs of the patient. 

The PM Positioner

This is an appliance in which the retainers are permanently connected and has a advancing screw on both sides so it can be adjusted to the patients needs.  It does not have any claps and is thermal plastic which means it needs to be heated prior to seating. 

The Myerson - EMA

This appliance is used in patients who have an allergic reaction to metal in their mouth.  The retainers are connected with rubber straps of different lengths and strengths.  The amount of advancement is determined by these straps. 

The SomnoMed


Patients perceive this appliance to be:

More comfortable

Less claustrophobic

More tolerable


This appliance is composed of an upper and lower bite splint with side ramps.  There is an advancing screw located on the sides which can change the amount of mandibular advancement.  It is held in position with claps.  The freedom associated with this appliance is that you can talk, open your mouth and drink without having to remove it.


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