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Clinical Examples And Patient Testimonials

A Loose Partial Denture


               She can now open her mouth and the partial stays in place!


For years this patient has had to fight with a moving lower partial denture.  Mini implants added the needed retention so now she can function without any problems.  After a single mini implant was placed her partial denture was retrofitted with a retentive housing which locked down on the implant.  The whole procedure took 45 minutes.






A Poorly fitting and non-retentive lower denture.


                        She no longer has to worry about a wandering denture! 


Progressive bone loss will lead to dentures that want to move when you speak, smile and chew.  These patients need the help of mini implants so they can return to a normal way of life and not have to worry about the embarrassement of a wandering denture.  The benefits of mini dental have changed this patient's life for the better.





Restoring a dentures fit will also change your facial profile.


                With a stable denture your facial profile can change dramatically. 


Dentures that flop around will not give and retain the proper contours to the lips resulting in a shrunken in appearance.  Some people feel that there nose and chin are getting longer.  This is not the case.  The mid facial area has moved inward.  Mini implants by stablizing dentures can restore the normal contour of the lips and greatly improve facial esthetics.




Mini implants can be used to replace a single tooth.


                      In a small space a mini dental implant can be the solution! 


In some cases the replacement of a single tooth can be challanging.  Mini implants can be used in areas where conventional implants can not be placed.  And the last thing you want to have done is to cut down two healthy teeth to place a bridge.  This case shows what can be done in a small space to restore a patient's function and esthetics.  Remember that bridges are great for cars but not to replace teeth.




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