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Used With Dentures

Having Problems With Your Dentures?


Problems that affect all denture patients.

Unable to eat what you want?
Dentures shift, tilt and wander?
Gums sometimes sore?
Tired of the taste and feel of messy denture adhesives?
Trouble speaking clearly?
Have a fear of smiling?

Dental Implants Provide The Solution


Denture Problems Are Associated With Progressive Bone Loss


Bone after extractions     Facial profile changes    Changes due to progressive bone loss


After the teeth are lost the bone which provides their support begins to dissolve away.  This is called progressive bone loss.  The only reason the bone was there was to support the teeth.  The teeth stimulated the bone.  Without this stimulation there is no reason for the bone to stay around.   This results in poorly fitting dentures that slip when eating and shift during normal function.  As more bone is lost not only is the fit of  the denture affected but facial changes as also noted.  The common statement is that my chin and nose are getting more prominent.  What is really happening is that the mid-face is receding.


Dental Implants Supporting A Bar Super-structure


A bar super-structure can be build on 2 to 6 implants


Dental implants can provide a surface onto which a removable bridge can be rigidly attached.  This will eliminate the embarrassment associated with ill-fitting dentures.  The implants will stimulate the remaining bone just like the teeth once did.  This stimulation will help to preserve what bone is left.


Removable Bridge Attachments


Unlike a denture the removable bridge locks into position and does not depend on suction to keep it in place.


The  removable bridge is made with attachments that connect to the bar which is supported by the implants.  In some cases it can attach directly to the implant.  The importance of this method of replacing dentures is that when in place the removable bridge feels just like teeth and is stable.  But it can be taken out so that the bar and supporting implants can be cleaned.  This type of denture replacement has to be cleaned just like  natural teeth.


The amount of remaining bone will determine what can be done.


 Problems and progressive bone loss go hand in hand.  The greater the bone loss the more problems with a denture.  


Each patient has different needs and the treatment is tailored to get the best result for that patient.  There is no “One Fits All Therapy”. The major factor in determining the success of a patient’s treatment is the quantity and quality of bone.  The better the bone quality and quantity the more implants that can be placed which results in a more stable removable bridge.


Hopeless teeth and the removable bridge


The best time for implant placement is when the teeth are extracted.


When your teeth are hopeless an implant supported removable bridge is the treatment of choice.  In most cases the implants can be placed at the time of extraction.  The implants need to heal for 4 months.  During this time a transitional appliance can be made to replace the missing teeth.  At the end of 4 months the process to construct the removable bridge is started.


Benefits Of An Implant Supported Removable Bridge


Patient Benefits:

1.  The appliance is stable during all functions.

2.  The upper appliance has no palatal coverage so food tastes better.

3.  Facial contours are restored to normal.

4.  Progressive bone loss is halted.

5.  Patients state that they have regained a feeling of confidence.


Dental Implant can put the teeth back in your smile and bite back into your life!


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