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The Single Tooth Mini

In special cases where there is not enough width or space for a normal sized implant mini implants can help solve the problem.  The mini implant will help preserve the natural tooth structure on the adjacent teeth which would have to be ground to construct a one tooth bridge. 

These two cases demonstrate inadequate space and width for regular implants.  Once the areas have been numbed with a local injection the implants can be positioned.  In most cases this procedure does not require any sutures and the impression and transitional tooth can be placed at this same appointment. 

Steps 1 and 2

After the area has been numbed the implant is placed into position.   The crown abutment head is then cemented into position.

Steps 3 and 4

The abutment head is shaped and recontoured.   The impression is taken and a transitional crown is placed.

Mini dental implants have helped these patients restore their smile and ability to chew without compromising the adjacent teeth. 

In special cases mini implants can be used to replace posterior teeth.   When there is good bone and inadequate space to place conventional implants.

Step 1: The implant site is prepared.   Step 2: The implant is placed into position.


Step 3 and 4: The impression is taken and the transitional crown is placed. Then the final crown is cemented.


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